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Kefir...What is it?

Kefir is like yoghurt.....but in our opinion much better. It is great sweetened with honey and fantastic with fruit, maple syrup, cereals, in smoothies or even on baked potatoes and salad.

Kefir originated in the northern area of the Caucasus Mountains, here it was called "Airan" and was usually made with cows or goats milk.
The Traditional fermentation was a continuous culturing process in that the milk and starter were mixed in the leather sacks and fresh milk added as the finished Kefir was gradually removed.
It is said that the secret of the Kefir grains and Kefir production was kept from the rest of the world for so long because the grains were given to the people by the Prophet Mahomet. It was feared that the grains would lose their strength if shared with others not of the Faith.

However, luckily for us, Kefir culture has been shared and passed on through the centuries. It has spread around the world and is believed to be beneficial to health by millions of people who eat it daily.

Kefir culture is unique among fermented milk starters in that it is composed of a mixture of friendly bacteria and yeasts that harmoniously co-exist.
The microbes break down the lactose in milk and the other chemical components, contributing to the taste and transformation of milk to Kefir.