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What You Do With Kefir Grains

The Common Way of brewing Kefir

How to make Kefir from your culture.

1. Drain contents of jar (whey & culture) through strainer.

2. Place culture into a clean container of full cream milk (about 300 mls), thickened (if desired), with milk powder. Room temperature is best.

3. Place doley over container and leave to set or thicken. This could take 24 - 72 hours depending on ratio of milk-to-culture, and temperature. One of the recipes I received from tropical Queensland recommends a fermentation time of only 6 - 24 hours. The Kefir will become tarter the more it separates.

4. Pour Kefir + culture into strainer and strain Kefir into a bowl. It's now ready to use.

5. Wash culture remaining in strainer under cold tap until it runs clear. Place into new milk solution as per step 2.

Your Culture will increase in volume each time it is fed, forming from the casein content of the milk. Therefore the Kefir forms a little faster each time, for a given volume of milk.

The Culture will last as long as it is lovingly looked after. It can be rested in milk in the refrigerator, up to two weeks, and keeps up to two years in freezer.

Be Clean, but no need to sterilise everything.